The 5 foods that provide the most collagen for the skin



Although as such it does not help us to produce collagen, tea, in any of its varieties, prevents it from diminishing with the passage of time


If we want to have a beautiful skin without wrinkles we must provide all the nutrients you need, including collagen. Cosmetics are not enough to maintain a healthy complexion , but we have to feed ourselves in a balanced way.


In this article we highlight the 8 foods that contain collagen or that contribute to its formation. This protein keeps the skin young and firm, while also ensuring good joint health. Ashford LA Lipo Hifu




What is collagen?

Collagen is the most important protein present in our body. The collagen fibers, which are flexible and resistant, are found in the skin, bones, muscles, tendons and joints .


Our body produces collagen naturally . However, with the passage of time we are losing this capacity. Wrinkles appear on the skin, joint inflammations, bone weakness, etc.


For this reason, it is essential to follow a balanced diet rich in foods with collagen or to promote its formation.


What contributes to our skin?

Collagen makes up most of the composition of the skin. This protein is what gives it, to a large extent, its firmness and elasticity . For this reason, it is essential to ensure that we provide enough collagen to our body through food.


During youth, collagen regenerates constantly, which makes us have a firm and youthful skin.

However,  after 30 years we can notice a greater tendency to flaccidity and wrinkles.


5 foods that provide collagen to the skin

The foods we list are notable for their collagen content or because they promote their formation.


  1. Garlic



The garlic should be present in our diet for many reasons. This medicinal food, in addition to being a natural antibiotic, has a high sulfur content.


This mineral, which also stands out for its purifying properties, contributes to the formation of collagen .

To be effective we must consume it raw or in capsules.


  1. Onion

The onion , which belongs to the same family as garlic, also contains sulfur.


By consuming it we increase the production of collagen and improve blood circulation .

In addition, thanks to sulfur we also facilitate the elimination of toxins from our body.


  1. Blue fish



Blue Fish

Although blue fish contains little collagen, it should be noted that it is a food rich in lysine . This amino acid is essential for the formation of collagen.


In addition, it is also rich in essential fatty acids, which are very beneficial to nourish the skin.


Keep in mind that large-sized bluefish (salmon, tuna, swordfish) may also contain heavy metals .

Therefore, we recommend choosing small sizes, such as sardines, mackerel or anchovies .


  1. Meat

Collagen is what determines the hardness of the meat. That is, hard fibers that are difficult to chew.


We recommend, especially, veal, chicken or turkey . Some parts, like the legs, contain a lot of collagen.


  1. Bone broth


If we want a very healthy and rich in collagen food we should try the increasingly famous bone soup .


Actually, it is a traditional recipe, since it involves cooking a broth of meat (including bones) and vegetables over very low heat and for many hours.

This was done decades ago. This process allows to extract the nutrients present in the bones.