The good and bad of the beauty and skin industry

In essence, it is impossible to quantify beauty, what is beautiful to one person might be appalling to another. Beauty and skin industries use our insecurities to sell their products. They promise that you can have better hair, longer nails, smoother skin and wrinkle free skin. It makes you conscious of what you have and think it is not okay or beautiful. For this reason, most people spend a lot of money on beauty and skin products. The estimated global beauty market is $265 billion which shows how people are pouring money into the beauty industry.

Like any other business, there exist fake and original products in the beauty and skin industry. Even the original products sometimes fail to mention the side effects of using a particular beauty or skin product. Others will say while using a toned down language and small print which the consumer might not see. But the main reason that users do not know the truth is because the beauty and skin industries use aggressive advertisement to market their products. Only the benefits of the product get emphasized, and sometimes it is overly exaggerated.

The skin and beauty products will at most times say the chemicals contained in the product, but they usually don’t tell the consumer the implications. For example, beauty or skin industries may state that its product contains Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (ECDs), but then they will not tell the consumer that although there is no certain connection between the chemicals and cancer, it is a known medical fact that some types of cancer are hormonal-driven. Some chemicals found in beauty products have been linked to cancer although most studies are always inconclusive. This fact makes the industries not legally bound to educate the public about long term effects of using the product. Therefore, they compromise their integrity and choose not to tell the consumer in fear of losing their customer base because just like any other business they are in for the profits.

Big brands use extensive marketing for their skin care products. The main reason is that awareness equates to higher quantity sales. Also marketing their brands ensures that there is no change in status quo. Because the more they advertise their products, the more it will be difficult for a new brand to penetrate the market. Without extensive marketing, they would lose their customer base because it does not necessarily mean the other brands are selling products of lesser quality.

The main difference between big brand and relatively unknown brands lies majorly on financial muscle of the company. Companies like L’Oréal and Nivea are known the world over. They are some of the top beauty brands in the world. Due to their popularity, people mostly associate their products as of higher quality than that of lesser known brands.

It is imperative to know the chemical content of the beauty or skin product you are using and research if it has long term effects on your health. Also, make a choice on your preferred product by the results but not by the brand you are using.